Mile High Montessori Learning Centers is Denver’s oldest and largest provider of subsidized quality early childhood care and education—serving thousands of Denver’s vulnerable children every year since 1970.

MHM News

Join us for Mile High Montessori’s STONE SOUP BREAKFAST Featuring Yvette Sanchez Fuentes, President, National Alliance for Hispanic Families.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
7:30 AM to 9:00 AM
The Curtis (downtown Denver)
1405 Curtis Street, Denver, CO

Event Co-Chairs
Mary Elliman & Laura Barton
Honorary Co-Chairs
Governor John W. Hickenlooper
Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock
Walter and Christie Isenberg

Tickets are available online at Black Tie Colorado

Why Stone Soup?

Mile High Montessori Early Learning Centers started with a concept developed by Anna Jo Haynes over 40 years ago. In the decades that followed, that concept – which is the stone in our stone soup – has been seasoned by partnerships, civic leaders, communities, volunteers, friends and families, enabling Mile High Montessori to satisfy a growing hunger and need for subsidized, quality early childhood care and education.

Over the years, new ingredients have been added to our “soup” resulting in improved methods of teaching, better health and social services for our children and their families, and a growing understanding of the power of cooperation and collaboration. These ingredients are what give Mile High Montessori the flavor that it has today. They enable our “soup” to be shared in Denver’s poorest neighborhoods and our children a chance for a successful start in school.

To continue nourishing Denver’s low-income children with the quality early childhood education they need and deserve, we need to add ingredients to this soup, enhance its flavor and make certain our pot remains full.

Thank you for continuing to be a key ingredient in our success.

Please contact Jordan at 720-936-3442 to discuss becoming an event sponsor or for further details on the event.

MHM Mission

Mile High Montessori Early Learning Centers’ (MHM) mission is to provide quality early childhood education for low income children to prepare them for school.

Our priority goals and objectives are:
  • To offer a quality educational experience
  • To provide a professional workforce
  • To exemplify effective leadership
  • To continue the ongoing efforts to cultivate innovative partnerships
  • To assure fiscal health and sustainability

Message from the President

Dr. Pamela Harris

Dr. Pamela K. Harris
President and CEO
Mile High Montessori Early Learning Centers

Mile High Montessori Early Learning Centers (MHM) is the largest and oldest provider of subsidized quality early care and education in Denver. Our mission is to ensure that our most vulnerable children have an opportunity to succeed in school and in life. Using a Montessori inspired approach, MHM helps the children it serves by fostering in them social competency, a habit of concentration, initiative and persistence, pride in the physical environment and a life-long joy of learning—all qualities which engender school success and responsible and engaged citizens.

Our five early learning centers across Denver can serve more than 500 children each day. Our two drop-in centers are in partnership with Denver Human Services and Denver Courts to provide a safe and healthy setting for their clients’ children. At our Northeast Learning Center, we have community education and outreach programs for Family, Friend and Neighbor care providers as well as parents. Programs such as Babies Ready for College, Neighborhoods for Learning and Play and Learn Groups—are all focused on supporting children’s growth and development by working with parents and caregivers.

Last year, we served over 640 diverse families and children in our centers from the Denver metro area and 150 in our community outreach programs with more than 8,500 visits at our drop-in locations.

We remain deeply committed to ensuring that all children have access to quality early care and education. I welcome you to join us to make a difference in children’s lives.